At Mission Up,

we believe in social change to create

a better, more just world.


We believe in community and ideas and action.
We believe in people and in momentum.
We believe in good.

What We Do

Through our work, we collaborate with companies intent on making an impact and with innovative nonprofits focused on driving change. We bring together organizations from different sectors with different priorities, and we focus on building partnerships and identifying community solutions. Learn more about what we do.

Who We Build With




“The only way we can change the narrative is by designing opportunity. And here’s how we do it: We rely on our creativity, on our drive and on the power of collaboration, and we take action to change something.”
Sarah Middleton, President and CEO, Mission Up


Ideas AND resources

Middleton: The 2020 Census is Here – Stand Up, Be Counted

As we work to keep our families and communities healthy, there is something everyone in Orange County can do from home: take the 2020 Census form online or by phone. The 2020 Census – a once-in-a-decade count of every single person living in the United States –is...

Dear All: Your Response Is Needed.

Deep breathing helps. Running helps. Wine helps. I mean, you’ve got to have outlets when you’re working on a massive community organizing effort. What am I talking about, you ask? Answer: The 2020 Census. Yes, our country’s decennial Census is upon us, with the...

In Pursuit of Compassion, Courage and Kinship

From time to time, I drive to Garden Grove to meet a couple of friends, load their cars with donated food and personal care items, and visit motels on certain stretches of busy Orange County roads. The friends work for an organization called Project Dignity, a...


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